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Meetings & Events at The Jaisalmer Resort

At The Jaisalmer Resort, we seamlessly merge business with leisure. Nestled amid the golden dunes, our resort offers a refreshing backdrop to your corporate gatherings and private events. Here, the desert’s tranquility meets state-of-the-art facilities, making each meeting not just productive, but also memorable.

Hosting a corporate event or meeting amidst the majestic aura of Jaisalmer adds an unmatched touch of elegance. Our venues radiate sophistication and are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring every presentation and discussion is effective.

Beyond the conference rooms, the essence of Jaisalmer plays a gracious host. Encourage team bonding with curated local experiences or a tranquil evening by the pool after a day of brainstorming.

Each event at The Jaisalmer Resort receives our undivided attention. Our dedicated team ensures that every logistical detail is taken care of, allowing you to focus on the agenda at hand.

Modern Facilities: Contemporary meeting spaces equipped with the latest audio-visual tech, guarantee effective and smooth presentations.

Team-building Activities: Harness the spirit of Jaisalmer with curated local experiences designed to boost team cohesion and morale.

Dedicated Support Team: From tech assistance to catering, our experienced team ensures every aspect of your event unfolds flawlessly.

Versatile Venues: Spaces adaptable to various setups, from intimate brainstorming sessions to grand corporate gatherings.

All-inclusive Packages: Comprehensive solutions covering accommodation, meals, and event logistics for a hassle-free experience.

Culinary Delights: Catering that blends local flavors with global cuisines, tailored to satiate every palate during your event.